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Joji Shimamoto

Take a picture of a moment that really happened in some world. You can imagine before and after the story of the new world from the picture.

Moment of Truth in the Pictures

Joji Shimamoto



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BCTION artist interview JOJI SHIMAMOTO

#BCTION Documentary TEASER



Joji Shimamoto


Photographer/Creative Director


Born 1983 in Chiba prefecture 

Graduated the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2007 with a degree in photography.

While he was abroad  in the United States, he exhibited numerous shows of his own and produced various art events.  He returned to Japan in 2008.  The same year he had a  major solo photo exhibition at the ART COMPLEX CENTER of Tokyo.  In 2009 he was selected as one of the "100 Japanese Photographers" by STUDIO VOICE a prestigious magazine in japan.

In recent years, he has shown at La Foret Harajuku, Blue Note Tokyo, BASEMENT GINZA. and at the NEW CITY ART FAIR held in New York City where his photograph was chosen as the main image.  In 2014, he organaized and produced an art show #BCTION in which he turned whole building that was to be torn down into a museum.  It was a huge success having 14000 people to come in two weeks.  In 2018 he was asked to be the producer for the art walls of the renewed 109 SHIBUYA and is constantly working on a wide range of projects.



2023.5 “Life Coincidence” Shibuya Parco, Tokyo

2022.9 “No Stoping Anytime” Joint Harajuku, Tokyo

2022.4 "Filed of Dreams" Ojai play house, Ojai, California 

2022.1 "For The Roman" TRUNK(HOTEL), Shibuya, Tokyo

2021.9 “Roman” Gallery Container, Tenjin Fukuoka

2021.8 “4wheels” ADF art gallery, Omotesando, Tokyo

2020.9 “Moments from RGB” Carbon, Shibuya, Tokyo

2020.8 “MITSU” 8ABLISH, Aoyama, Tokyo
2020.7 “LOV9” SHIBUYA PARCO COMMUNE, Shibuya, Tokyo
2019.3 ”STREET CINEMA” MAGNET BY SHIBUYA109, Shibuya, Tokyo
2018.10 “CONNECT” FIREKING CAFE, Yoyogi-Uehara, Tokyo
2017.10 “LIVING ON RECORD” BASEMENT, Ginza, Tokyo